UK consumers are predicted to spend over £2 billion* on Easter 2024, making it a valuable opportunity for operators to both drive spend and create those memorable experiences that encourage repeat visits.  


A range of innovative ‘instagrammable’ Easter-themed dishes is a great way to make an impression on customers.

Try including ‘Easter pies’ on the menu, with ‘Happy Easter’ or an Easter Egg shape baked on the pie lids, or to appeal to younger diners, try bunny shaped burger patties.  Another limited-edition idea to consider is a ‘Scotch Eggs-travaganza Menu,’ with a range of innovative fillings on offer, such as sausage, mash and gravy, spicy lamb, or coronation chicken.

For dessert, we recommend a show-stopping Ambrosia Devon Custard buttercream sponge topped with mini eggs. Consider serving an Easter Treats sharing platter for all the table to enjoy. Include cupcakes and ‘posh’ jelly and ice cream, using our new McDougalls Vegan Jelly. It’s Vegan Society approved and can be enjoyed on its own, or topped or set with fruit. A versatile dessert staple, it can be incorporated into a range of desserts above or used with other ingredients, such as Angel Delight.


As the nation’s second favourite dish* and highlight of the Easter weekend celebration, make sure your roast is one to remember.

To stand out from the crowd, consider offering a unique twist on the traditional roast by introducing a captivating “Sunday Roast Platter” experience. This innovative approach presents all the elements of a classic roast spread out on a generous board, allowing guests to tailor their plates to their preferences.  And, with research showing that 51%* of consumers would be prepared to pay extra for bottomless gravy, try running a bottomless gravy promotion to accompany the dish.


Food is clearly the star of the show, but operators can use the Easter period to create a celebration to remember by hosting exciting and engaging events and activities. These can help to draw in new customers and create a talking point, generating that all-important word-of-mouth recommendation.

Here’s a few ideas to help you create that memorable customer experience. For more ideas and recipe inspiration, download our Easter Guide.

- An Easter themed quiz or bingo night

- Live jazz music

- A table magician or caricaturist to help entertain guests

- Organise a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt

- A Spring wreath-making workshop

- Painting and prosecco night with dinner

- Easter craft workshop for kids

- Easter brunch and dog walk, or an Easter walk or bike ride to and from the pub

Click here to download a copy of the Easter Guide: Premier Foods – See how we support chefs with recipes and advice (


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